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Tea and Coffee World Cup Vienna – Can you afford to miss it?

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An international exhibition like Tea & Coffee World Cup is one of the best business opportunities offered today. Exhibitors can display their new products, demonstrate their machinery, meet with existing and potential clients and promote their company to a broad market. Companies ranging from associations and organizations at origin, to machinery manufacturers and packaging solutions will all be present.

Whether you are looking to grow into the international market, or expand on an existing presence, Tea & Coffee World Cup Vienna is the place to see and be seen for the tea and coffee industries.

Visitors for Tea & Coffee World Cup include producers, importers/exporters, distributors, roasters, packers and suppliers.  Attendees in the tea and coffee sectors, from buyers to beverage program managers, will also be walking the floor.

Aside from the exhibition, this 3-day comprehensive trade fair will also be featuring a full schedule of workshops and special events. Organizations such a Fair Trade and the 4C Alliance will be participating in panel discussions on sustainability for a successful future. They will also host interactive events where attendees will learn about the ³certified² products, sample selections and converse with organization members.

Our hands-on coffee cupping classes will deliver first class information on the formality of cupping coffees, identifying defects, articulating taste profiles and proper grading protocol. Blending workshops will cover everything from post-roast blending, espresso blending and mixing different origins. Tea tasting workshops will cover everything from flavored tea to Indian teas.

Experience the historical act of bidding on a particular lot of tea without traveling to India. Partake in the thrill and excitement of buying tea directly from origin, ensuring the best value and quality and promoting traceability. With selections from various estates, the World Cup Tea Auction is a convenient and unique way for buyers to taste and purchase fine Indian teas, held by the Tea Board of India.

It is nearly impossible to get a grasp on what¹s happening in the industry without attending Tea & Coffee World Cup. With Vienna as a central location in Europe, and a gateway to the East, we couldn¹t have picked a more appropriate location.

Schedule of Events:

*Please check our website for full class descriptions, rates, schedule changes and up-to-date information on all events.

Day 1 – Sunday, March 25

11:30-13:00 ‹ Tea Tasting Workshop

Brought to you by Fair Trade

12:00-13:30 ‹ Coffee Blending Workshop

Brought to you by The Vienna School of Coffee

14:30-16:00 ‹ Coffee Cupping/Grading Workshop

Brought to you by Aziende Riunite Caffe SpA

15:00-16:30 ‹ Indian Tea Tasting


Day 2 – Monday, March 26

10:30-12:00 ‹ Coffee Tasting Workshop

Brought to you by Fair Trade

13:00-14:30 ‹ Single Origin Tea Tasting Workshop

Brought to you by Barbara DuFrene

12:30-13:30 ‹ Coffee Cupping/Grading Workshop

Brought to you by Aziende Riunite Caffe SpA

14:30-16:00 ‹ Coffee Blending Workshop and The Perfect Extraction

Brought to you by the Vienna School of Coffee

15:30-17:00 ‹ Sustainability Panel


Day 3 – Tuesday, March 27

10:00-11:30 ‹ Coffee Blending Workshop and Gastronomical Brewing Methods

Brought to you by the Vienna School of Coffee

10:30-12:30 ‹ Indian Tea Auction

12:30-14:00 ‹ Coffee Cupping/Grading Workshop

Brought to you by Sebastian Heinemann

13:00-14:30 ‹ Tea Market Panel Presentationf