Complete Guide to Running a Cafè

On a recent trip, back home for a 50th birthday party we had a relatively “lively” time in one of the best hotels in Belfast… but I was reminded how often even some of the best in the industry don’t
John Richardson
“It’s not difficult is it?  I mean it’s not like running a proper business, is it?” That is a direct quote from a prospective client this week.  He insisted that he was going to be able to easily set up
Seven Specific Profit Tactics to make sure you survive and thrive: Now that the vote is over we can really only be sure of two things: In Chicken Little terms… “the sky has not fallen”.  If you listened to certain
This a slightly tricky (it was for me anyway) concept to accept, especially when you’re in the eye of the storm and an employee has just made the mother of all “mess ups” for about the sixth time.  The core
Not long after I graduated (not long after the potato famine) legendary management writer Tom Peters wrote a book called The pursuit of WOW!  He even wrote WOW in upper case and included a jaunty exclamation mark to really drive
Last month we discussed how important it was to have a crystal clear idea of the menu and product ratios in your business – a set of ratios that differ very strongly from the accountancy based ones that are traditionally
John Richardson
By John Richardson  In the last two months we’ve covered what the critical sales ratios are and why you need to be paying attention to them.  To help drive the point home you need to be thinking about your business